Manish Arora SS15 Review

This show is so funky, masterful of prints, and it serves as stellar inspiration for layering in the warmer months. As a designer, it helps you appreciate fabric and shows you how to utilize it in creative and functional ways. That is something to admire.


First up is this stunning ensemble.

The base outfit itself is constructed of super fine, breathable materials that allow for comfort and a covered body. The genius in this design is shown by the already lightweight jacket having sheer paneling integrated into its composition, creating visual interest and providing contrast to an otherwise all-over print look on the top of the body. Silver shoes carry on the iridescence of the pant fabric, but they also work with the statement necklace to stand out as spotlight-stealing accessories.


Not only does Manish Arora know how to masterfully blend fabrics, but the designer also knows how to utilize them in an almost artistic manner. To break apart from the cliche use of lips as imagery in prints, Manish Arora created a multi-dimensional collage with floral embellishment atop a floral print atop a mix of opaque and sheer materials. This dress is an inspiring and astonishing garment.


Back into forgiving silhouettes, but without sleeves and layering, we have this look. The seemingly simple gold cap works with the massive embellishment on the model’s top. This could be recreated as embellishment on a garment, or even a removable body/neck piece. The sheer fabrics are incredibly helpful in warm climates, and the mixture of opacity keeps the outfit functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Love the silhouette, luxury and comfort but still need your sleeves? Here’s the look for a warm, but windy, day. Ethereal fabrics come together when layered to create a flowy, street-goddess aesthetic. The icon imagery is something very familiar when examining runway shows, but here it feels unique and fresh because of the kaleidoscopic prints.


And now we’ve moved on to the poolside looks! This look is certainly bold, but if you remove the embellished cap, it becomes easily wearable. The use and placement of embellishment is flattering and unique here, and it takes a swimsuit cover-up to a whole new level! It’s luxurious, timeless, and incredibly practical for such a unique fashion piece.


Ending this review with a super safe T-shirt dress, we have this cute, simple, printed garment. The silhouette is incredibly simple, but this lightweight, clingy fabric works really well in the warmer seasons and certainly makes sitting poolside or walking around a resort feel super chic and stylish. This piece would keep the wearer comfortable and effortlessly cool.

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