The Blonds SS15 Review

Like the others shows I have reviewed, The Blonds’ SS 2015 show is, well, cute and crazy (what else would you expect from a blog with this title?). Flowy pants, over-the-top embellishment, and wild wigs dominate this show.

First is this look:


I am in love with these flowy pants! Admittedly, I’d like to see them without slits, but the sheer, shimmery fabric and flamboyant silhouette are awesome regardless. Like other designers, and as I expect of people in their position, The Blonds know how to masterfully mix materials in their ensembles. The silhouette is balanced by the rigid top and fluid pants, and the embellishment all over the top is to die for! Speaking of things that are to die for, these wigs are absolutely awesome.


As a designer, this shirt cape is so inspiring, and you better not be surprised if I create a garment similar to it! With the super skinny one-piece underneath it, the shape created by the pair of articles is both flattering and daring. As I pointed out in Fyodor Golan, 3D floral embellishment can be seen in several shows this season, and that’s also very inspiring.


First of all, let me point out the metal here. It’s flippin’ awesome. And the two metal body pieces do not look completely out of place because they are balanced by the cuffs on the arms. It was really smart, and most people would not have thought of this, to put two separate chainmaille pieces on the body instead of just the lower one. This adds more to the silhouette and helps keep the movement uniform when in motion.


Similar to the shirt cape look, we have a flowy article going down the back of a model. This time, however, the flowy piece comes from the headdress instead of being an extended shirt. The floral embellishment can be seen again here, and this time it is complemented by the plentiful fringe on the piece.


Embellishing the trim on this outfit looks really cool. The hood and drooping neckline add the effortlessly cool style of this ensemble, and while this isn’t a prevalent theme in the show, the creative placement of flowers keeps it consistent with the aesthetic of the collection.


Last is this outfit! It’s the very definition of over the top, and I had to end the review with this picture! First of all, admire the glittery beadwork! It’s sooooo amazing! I’m in love. The boots are super cool, the headdress is rad, and the jewelry and the clothing compete for the spotlight in a shimmery battle of awesomeness.

In short, watching the show, everything sparkled, the collection was full of statement pieces, and while the styling was bizarre, things became easy to wear when you pick them apart.


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