MSGM AW15 Menswear Review

Today I will be reviewing the MSGM menswear show for AW15! Make sure to click the break to read the full review!

_A2X0152This first look features a constellation print across the entire look–pants and shirt. The simple silhouette and dull background provide the perfect blank canvas for this type of design. Also, the creative and masculine take on fashion’s fascination with astronomy is so inspiring to me, and it makes me really happy to see it.

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James Long AW15 Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing James Long’s AW15 runway show!

First, we have this look:


I love this huge fur-collar on this cinched-waist coat with large leather pockets. The coat itself is very fitted, and the standard, expected features of a coat are very exaggerated. I love that, all topped off with the bookbag strap buckle on the front. The lace on the pants is awesome and given a bit of masculinity with its dark tone and overall styling. The sneakers are super cool, too, with their classic silhouette and interesting colorway.

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Katie Eary FW15 Review

The season has changed for my reviews! In order to stay closer to on top of current shows now, I will be reviewing some of my favorite LCM shows for the FW season this year.

The first look here features a huge applique, a brighter take on autumn colors, and super cool detail with the lacing on the seam of the pants.


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Manish Arora SS15 Review

This show is so funky, masterful of prints, and it serves as stellar inspiration for layering in the warmer months. As a designer, it helps you appreciate fabric and shows you how to utilize it in creative and functional ways. That is something to admire.


First up is this stunning ensemble.

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