Fyodor Golan SS15 Review

Today I’m going to share some of my favorite looks from the SS15 collection by Fyodor Golan. I know this was shown a little while ago, but I just recently restarted my blog, and FW shows do not come out until next year.

All photo credit goes to: http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/spring-summer-2015/ready-to-wear/fyodor-golan

Now let’s begin!


I love this pair of looks for several reasons:

First of all, when I design, I like to draw matching his and her outfits, so this excited me way too much. Second of all, that fabric. What is it? Where do I purchase it? How does it feel?? The questions drive me insane, but that texture, color, everything about it just blows my mind. The strong presence of white in several shows this season is seen here in the shoes, but the neon details, especially the soles on the male shoes, are such an excellent detail. It is fresh, clean, and somehow subtle with the neon. Impressive move, Fyodor Golan.


Sticking to the neon-detail shoes and unconventional fabrics, let’s talk about how the back of this jacket is faux fur. Is that awesome or what? Seeing someone walk towards you with this on, you start asking “Is that a jacket and a dress? What’s going on?” and then all of a sudden they pass you, you look over your shoulder, and their back is covered in cotton candy fur. That’s so cool to me. The silhouette and layering is fun, the color is super playful, and the fur on the back is jaw-dropping. Definitely a statement piece, but it’s a good one.


Shifting the focus from textures to prints, and also varying the shoes a bit, we have this look. This was actually one of the first looks in the show (the pictures I am using are not in any particular order), but I figured it would make a pretty good transition in this review. The colors work better for different skin tones and those who are not particular on wearing highlighter soles, and the dress’ print is fairly easy to wear, but the details make it more appealing than just an all-over print garment. There is a strip of that holographic fabric seen two looks ago, and that bright orange strip looks a little haphazard, but it does its job in striking visual interest.


If you’re into relaxed fits and subtler prints, try this look! The presence of white is very strong here, and so is the popular plant theme seen in prints this season. The patch pockets are a nice detail, and while the fit is baggy, the short length of the ensemble gives you a silhouette that is not completely unflattering. It is certainly relaxed, but if you’ve got nice or thin legs, they still show, proving that you are not as big as the garments may lead people to believe if, say, the skirt was a pair of pants instead. The styling here is certainly transitional, but the offset images definitely offer unique inspiration for my own design.


Sticking with skirts and the strong presence of white, we have this look. I am obsessed with this top. The soft-colored, pixelated print is reminiscent of resort color palettes and feminine florals, but despite the gentle colors, the embellishments make this a very strong statement garment. The placement and asymmetry of the flowers is aesthetically pleasing and shows a strong sense of intuition in the designer, and the variation of shapes keeps the top playful and gives the viewer more to observe. A very ordinary idea of floral embellishment became a show stopper with the amount of variance, texture, color and placement.


Last in this review is this dress. Also embellished, displaying a dominant presence of white, the theme of stripes, and bold (in both intensity and combination) color, this striped dress is far from ordinary. The designer stuck to keeping white as the base color, but still used two different fabrics (one above and one below) surrounding the stripes. This creates interest and complexity. Instead of simply placing stripes through the center of the dress, Fyodor Golan was smart enough to make the stripes an extra dimension and to give the edges of the stripes a scalloped or scale-like appearance. The fabrics used for the stripes also reflect the shiny, vinyl-like materials in this collection.

Overall, this collection was very pleasing with the use of fun, bold colors and subtle details completely altering simple silhouettes, and the use of unconventional fabrics and seemingly random placement of embellishment and detail made this collection playful but displaying a strong knowledge of design. There is much more that this show had to offer that I did not cover, and I recommend you watch the show to get the full effect.

Thanks so much for reading, and be sure to follow me for more reviews! I aim to have one out every week.


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