MSGM AW15 Menswear Review

Today I will be reviewing the MSGM menswear show for AW15! Make sure to click the break to read the full review!

_A2X0152This first look features a constellation print across the entire look–pants and shirt. The simple silhouette and dull background provide the perfect blank canvas for this type of design. Also, the creative and masculine take on fashion’s fascination with astronomy is so inspiring to me, and it makes me really happy to see it.


Keeping the show very youthful and boyish, we have cuffed, distressed jeans that may bring up memories of playing outside with your friends and roughing up a pair (or a few pairs) of jeans. The rocket and explosive appliques are very youthful and carry the same connotation as the pants. I appreciate the mixture of mature construction and youthful imagery; the blend is hard to accomplish, but seems so effortless here.

_A2X0353Like other designers, letters can be seen as a prominent design element in this show. “ROCKET” is plastered down the side of a long coat, and I actually think it is a smart substitute for something like a stripe. I would consider this a statement piece because as opposed to demonstrating the theme of space with imagery, this garment does so with a bold font.

_A2X0428I love every piece of this look! The abstract applique on the shirt introduces a mix of colors, prints and imagery, creating a very unique piece that generates visual interest without losing cohesiveness. The fabric on the pants looks like the perfect weight for a transitional season such as fall, and the strappy shoes are super cool.

_A2X0720I am definitely in love with this jacket because of its large, action figure-like robot patches and fuzzy collar. This jacket is so childish, but tailored to fit a grown man. As was evident earlier in the show, MSGM knows how to combine youthful imagery and texture play with a mature, simple silhouette.

_A2X0758I had to include this look in the review because it is perhaps the biggest clash between childhood and adulthood. The dress material pants contrast the wildly embellished sweater entirely, and the shoes carry strong elements of sneakers and business casual. Overall, the look is very young adult, but a nice coat could age it a little more.

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