Kit Neale AW15 Review

Tonight, I will be reviewing the Kit Neale AW15 Menswear show!


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Starting with this look, you can see that we have those oh-so-popular in SS15 poster paint colors and outrageous prints. Those two things out there, hopefully you see why I’m in love. The big, bold letters on the hat and the ransom-letter style print show you a common theme in the show: letters. I love the prominent element to this show, and when worn apart, these pieces do not seem so crazy after all.

kit_neale_aw15_006 (1)While a little subtler due to styling, you can still see the letters! The red shorts feature a letter-oriented print, and similar to the ones on the hat in the previous look, we have huge letter patches attached to this jacket. Speaking of this jacket, look at this jacket. That material looks so comfy and fun to wear.


I am not exactly sure what an “Earth Show” is, but I am sure that I love the transition from letter cut-outs to printed patches. The dressy material for the pants is dressed down and made super youthful and fun with the mismatched plaid shirt and cropped, patched up jacket. The cropped, hand-me-down silhouette is also reminiscent of boyhood.

kit_neale_aw15_013Here comes the funky fur again! This time, we have the word “POP” in primary color patches, and the ransom letters appear again in two different styles: the bag fabric and the shirt fabric. Like the style of the shirt but not the colorway? Look closer. The pants share the same print in a darker, subtler colorway. I love it.

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