James Long AW15 Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing James Long’s AW15 runway show!

First, we have this look:


I love this huge fur-collar on this cinched-waist coat with large leather pockets. The coat itself is very fitted, and the standard, expected features of a coat are very exaggerated. I love that, all topped off with the bookbag strap buckle on the front. The lace on the pants is awesome and given a bit of masculinity with its dark tone and overall styling. The sneakers are super cool, too, with their classic silhouette and interesting colorway.

KIM_0026Here, the exaggerated pockets are given a new material: fur-lined shearling. This look is incredibly functional with its layering, and the simple knit shorts have swatches of mismatched fabrics which are a common theme in this show. I also think it’s safe to say that shorts and leggings is no longer where it’s at, but shorts over skinny fit pants is.


Here, we have shearling pockets again but on denim. The applique on this look is precisely cut out from lace, and I’m in love. The cuts placed on the wrists and shoulder seams are really cool, too. Instead of joggers, buckled straps are placed around the ankles to give that tapered look.

KIM_0118Here we have denim on denim on a woven shirt, and we have the strongest presence yet of swatches and lace applique. There’s not much to say about this one, but I definitely felt the need to include it here.

KIM_0159The utility pants here are amazing. Let’s just start with that. I never thought something so seemingly functional could be so stylish. The painted face is really neat, too, although, of course, the top should probably be given some type of closure on the shoulder.


The last look in this review features James Long’s beloved patchwork, workwear straps and pockets, and the lace seen in the first pair of pants. I love the thick fringe on the top, and the styling altogether is so rugged and cool.

Photo credit goes to: http://www.style.com


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