Katie Eary FW15 Review

The season has changed for my reviews! In order to stay closer to on top of current shows now, I will be reviewing some of my favorite LCM shows for the FW season this year.

The first look here features a huge applique, a brighter take on autumn colors, and super cool detail with the lacing on the seam of the pants.



Here, we have applique featured heavily again, and this technique and colorway gives a fresh breath to familiar, anatomical imagery. The pants in this look are constructed from a flowy but sleek material, updating a classic menswear fit. Also, the colors of the sneakers are phenomenal.


This look employs other elements of design in smart ways. The assymetrical closure down the front of the shirt adds visual interest, and the imagery only being on one half of the shirt makes it so much cooler than a fully printed top. There is a masterful mix of textures between the glittery shoes, sleek dress pants and fur pieces. The contrast between warm and cold colors is aesthetically pleasing here, too.


The 3D embellishment on this top is to die for; the abstract use of trim here provides inspiration to anyone who has fallen in love with the various trims in that aisle of the craft store. Moving on to the pants, the lacing here is not only on the inner seams, but it’s along the waistband, too.


This look just adds a perspective on the look differently constructed pants and a darker colorway.


This look is very dynamic in its styling and adds lots of visual interest to pieces with very simple silhouettes and cuts. The scarf is being worn down the back, there is a long sleeve shirt worn under the short sleeve one, and the T-shirt is tucked into men’s dress pants. If the three-dimensional imagery is not your thing, then this printed graphic tee is your thing.

Photo credit: http://www.style.com/fashion-shows/fall-2015-menswear/katie-eary


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