Decorative Chain Link Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to make one of the links in this decorative chain I have been working on for a bracelet:



The supplies you will need are the following:

– Wire, any color you’d like, but make sure it is 20g!

– Beads, any size and color, but make sure your wire can fit through the hole.

– Pliers and wire cutters

The first step is to make a loop at the end of your wire; you do this by taking the end of the wire in your pliers, rotating your wrist counter-clockwise, and continuing that until you get your loops. Take your time with this and try to get the loops as neat as possible.


Next, you want to cut your wire from the spool. I cut about two inches extra, but that was way too long. I don’t know exactly how long your length of wire should be, but just remember: you can cut off excess, but you can not add more!



After cutting it from the spool, add beads (I added four) and then cut the excess so that you have enough left to add another loop!

Form your loop like you did the first one and ta-da! You’re done!


Once I actually create something from this decorative chain, I will surely post pictures for you guys! Thanks so much for reading and make sure to follow my blog, like this post, and leave a comment with any suggestions, questions, or how you would do this tutorial!


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